Bubblegum Thicc
Bubblegum Thicc

Bubblegum Thicc

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Bubblegum Thicc slime is a thick and glossy slime. It's perfect for bubble pops and poking. Scented like bubblegum.

Your order will include a ready mixed activator a care card and a few extras ☆.。.:*

Do not eat slime, children under the age of 8 to use under parental supervision. 

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Customer Reviews

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ria bdesha
review of slime i bought

the slime is really nice in general and smells SO GOOD, love that it comes with borax just what i needed in case it gets too sticky! great idea :)

Charity Taylor
Loved it

A very pretty pink colour and a sweet smell of bubblegum. The slime is thick and glossy and gives great clicks and pops.

Lucia D
My favourite slime 💗

First of all I want to say how helpful and friendly the seller is. I emailed her with a query and she replied within a day!👌🏽 My 4 slimes arrived well packaged and there was zero leakage. All slimes were filled to the top of their containers, and I received 2 eyedropper bottles of activator as wrll as some sweeties!🍭🍬 I only wish more slimes were in stock or available as I'd keep buying more.

I wasn't expecting this to be my favourite slime but it is! OMG THE SMELL 😍💖😍 it's a classic bubblegum scent + takes me back to childhood.
I dont know how Kristie does it but her slimes are such a high standard and 10 times better quality than any others I've experienced.

This glossy and pink thicc beauty came exactly as pictured and didnt need any activator. It produces THE. BEST. pokes and satisfying bubble pops, I could play with it forever ❤️

Note: in fact, only the clear slime I bought needed any activator - and only a tiny amount which is impressive for a clear slime.




This slime came in perfect shape, yes of course it was a little bit deactivated but the additional borax fixed that and it didn’t interfere with the texture of the slime.

There isn’t anything wrong with the slime itself but the colour was much lighter in real life than in the picture.

Great packaging and amazingly detailed care card!